Consider Lake Placid for the Jack Shea Sprints

If you want a fun weekend away where you get to race on the “big track” and see what your fellow teammate Chris is so passionate about, then consider traveling to Lake Placid for the Jack Shea Sprints next weekend Jan 21/22. What you will get is a chance to experience skating/racing on the same oval Eric Heiden, Jack Shea, Charles Jewtraw, Irving Jaffee and Bunny Sheffield made famous, you be done skating/racing by noon allowing you to enjoy the charms of Lake Placid for the rest of the day, go ski whiteface for 1/2 a day, or xc ski out at the Verizon center, watch luge or bobsled, or even come back to skate at 4PM. The next morning you will do it all over again.
Chris will be there to defend his title even though defending the title in his current injured state is more of a ceremonial act than anything else.  You will get coaching for the entire weekend (racing and skating at the evening session). You don’t need LT equipment to race or skate, many skaters use their ST skates. You can use this race for seed times for the Empire State Games LT event the first weekend of Feb.
See you Wed. night,

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