Working on…


First a big CONGRATS to Eddie who came in second in the Garden State Metro Series! Thanks for representing the club Eddie! Go, Go, Go!!!!

This weekend Chris made his way to Lake Placid to represent Taconic and defend his title at the Jack Shea Sprints. He did so knowing that his injury would prevent him from securing it for a second year. He did however have a decent showing, skating a 43.4 without a start in the 500. He was toast for the the 1000 but persevered, ¬†and despite the 4th place overall standing at the end of the day he was in so much pain this morning that today he scratched…

Other than Chris’s performance there were several friends to Taconic skating. Jennifer Okonuk had a strong showing with a killer day of racing today! Carol Moore also held her own. Courtney Russo (our MASA president Lovey’s daughter) skated her first LT meet ever and declared it a blast. Next on the agenda? Empire State Games, the Lake Morey Winterfest and the Lake Placid All-Around. Questions about these events? Please see me.

Last week during practice we worked on arm swing as a tempo controlling mechanism. We concentrated on making sure that the arm had the correct swing in relation to the push. This week we will concentrate on the correct arm swing position as it applies to skating the track.

Hope to see you there!


One thought on “Working on…

  1. Thanks Lisa, for the great photo and the great posts! We are going to VT tomorrow and we’ll miss this week’s practice. See you the following Wednesday! emma, scott and eddie

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